$40 is the standard travel clinic consultation fee, and includes the following clinical services:

Our team at TravelRx will gather all of your information in order to build your TravelRx profile. A comprehensive health and immunization assessment is done, along with a detailed assessment of your trip itinerary and destination. We provide immunizations, and comprehensive pre-travel education specific to your trip abroad.

At Travel Rx, there is only a one fee to build your profile – this includes future consultations for your future travel

Your initial pre-travel consultation will determine which vaccines you will need for your trip.  Please note that some vaccines require multiple doses, time to acquire immunity before departure, and vaccine shortages need to be considered.  We recommend you contact us 4-6 weeks before your departure.

Once we set you up as a TravelRx member, you have access to our services for all of your future travels.  We have a comprehensive and secure record keeping system, simply contact us with your name and travel destination and we will take care of your travel needs!

You can check out all the prices on our Vaccines & Products page.

At TravelRx, we’re focused on social impact.

Traveling abroad? Join the movement by choosing us as your travel medicine provider, to ensure that you are protected against illness abroad. Furthermore, we support humanitarian aid missions abroad empowering travelers making a difference in the developing world.

If you are a travelling humanitarian aid group, chose us as your providers for accessible and convenient vaccination services. We donate 50% of your groups consultation fee, and allocate proceeds from our TravelRx community to your mission.

Not traveling any time soon, but believe in the cause? Keep us in mind, and refer your traveling friends and family to our movement. Support us by liking us on Facebook and following us on Instagram.